Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kayamba Africa Brings the House Down!

What a joy it was for the children to have Kayamba Africa perform one of their favorite song on Christmas Day! It was so much fun that we were scared for some of them (coz of how happy they were)! Ooh yes and when they finished performing the kids decided to show they too had talent! So the Kayamba guys took the front row seats and our children performed for them!!!! What a Christmas day this was for all of us!!! At some point you couldn't tell who was the child and the grown up in the house....... It is important to note that they performed at the peak of the season for them for absolutely nothing! It was all free it was their contribution to Xmas Torch! Thank You Kayamba Africa you know I love you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Happy Day!

On the way to our destination we had a stop over for the children to enjoy a good view of the Nanyuki air strip and as some of them said, "Nitasema nilishika ndege" translated "I will atleast say I touched a plane" that was a good feeling but here is what I have learnt, the joy is yours when you give while these kids were ecstatic about touching a helicopter I was overjoyed just seeing how happy they were!!

THE WAIT IS OVER.............

Here is the truth, getting some of these children to smile was really hard and this is all we hoped to accomplish on this trip. So on Christmas morning when they recieved their Christmas t-shirts (thanks to Mr. Cecil Miller) and the Christmas hats (thanks to Sally & Oscar Kango'ro) the joy we experienced from these children cannot be described in words! Here are our children for some they came close to smiling but hey this is what you all helped us accomplish, A SMILE!


Happy and blessed 2008. My sincere apologies for how long it has taken me to update this blog. No amount excuses can make up for this and all I can ask for is your forgiveness. Having siad that I also know most of you have been longing to see the pictures since no words can explain what happened in those 2 days we spent with these children! I thank You for your patience and I promise loads of pictures coming up soon! God bless this year for y'all and Thank You for making this possible for these children!