Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Follow Up

I am so grateful for all the feedback I continue to receive. It is amazing to know how many of you out there are aboard this journey with us and God bless you all. A few things to clarify though: 1. Objective of this Project: I have received alot of concerns on how giving such an elaborate Xmas may not be such a good thing for these children in the long run. Please remember our main goal is to let these children for once be children and give them a Xmas they can never forget. I know we can't handle all their problems with this one visit but it will be a start at least. So please know that we have considered the repercussions this is why we chose to Xmas as a start. 2. Selection of the Children Joseph Mwenda who works with World Vision has suggested good ideas on how to go about the selection of the children. He's already looking at a few children since he works with most of the right people he will be soon advising us accordingly and I will be putting up as and when I receive this information. Please keep writing and again I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your support. God bless.