Friday, July 24, 2009

Xmas Torch Brochure

Hello Friends, Please follow the link below to view/read or download the Xmas Torch Brochure for more details.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good News!

Xmas Torch is officially registered! Our trustees, Lorraine Kirigia, Joseph Mwenda, Andrew Amadi and Catherine Ikiara, have declared Xmas Torch as an official entity. The orphans we gift to, children from the ages of five and up, are often the last thing most people think of on Christmas morning. Xmas Torch wants to make a difference to a few Kenyan children at Christmas. This year, we aim to gift to up to 1000 orphans and go to Meru National Park with 40 of these orphans. Each gift will have a backpack containing:
  1. doll or football
  2. story book
  3. mathematical set
  4. crayons
  5. a set of panties or underwear
  6. socks
  7. toothbrushes
  8. pads for girls menstruating
  9. sweets and chocolates
  10. tiny wallet with 100/-
So far we have three organizations with children who will be participating in our gift drive:
  • Oasis Africa (105 children)
  • Humble Heart (350 children)
  • Thomas Barnado Home (170 children)
  • Jerusha Mwiraria Hope Children's Home (40)*
We are in search of the last lucky 335! In order to get as many donors as possible to help us in our venture we are going to stand out and stand tall. Now that we are registered, we are working at getting a bank account opened and brochures printed. Our goal is to invite as many people to give to our cause as we can reach. STAY TUNED! *possibly more children involved.