Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas Torch 08 Pics Part 1


If it isn't for the continued support of the following people, Xmas Torch couldn't exist! Alot of you pray and stand with me through the preparation of the event and am eternally grateful! It is usually so stressful with the preparation and the running around to make sure that these children get nothing but the very best for just 2 days! To my parents and auntie Cathy am so grateful coz you always help me keep it together! My brother Ken and sister Kiki you are always there to support me with the work that needs done. My accountant and cousin Kelvin Murithi God bless you, you really pull it off for me! Freda and Trygve, my ROCKS throughout this process! You really saved the situation this year and no words can express my Thank You to you both! You have made Xmas Torch a part of you, you fly in to make sure you are there for the event and work hard to make sure I have all I need! Can't thank you enough, God bless you and I love you both very much! Mrs. Gitonga my mentor, mother and friend, Thank You for the faith you have in me! Thank You for helping me pick the children this year and taking time out of your very busy schedule to flag us off. God bless you mum! To my sponsors... oohh what can I say! I don't see you and more often not even speak to you for a whole year, but I show up and you are always there to support me. God bless you and I know most of you haven't had the opportunity to join us but believe me the joy is yours! I wish you can see the look on these children's faces, no money can buy that! You are all very special to me and am forever indebted to you for your support! May God bless you mightly and because you give it comes back to you in good measure pressed down shaken together and running over! Thank You! Thank You! To all you that stand with me, you know I am so grateful! God bless you. Happy New Year! Looking forward to Xmas Torch 2009!!

Xmas Torch 08!

What a huge success with this year's Xmas Torch! We were blessed with 30 children from Jerusha Mwiraria in Gikumene and Hope in Kinoru! This year was a real challenge since I wasn't sure if I could get my holiday in December. However it all worked out and I managed again with the help of friends I know I can always count on, make it happen! It's just not about having a holiday for these kids, it's the thought that someone thought of them worthy enough to take them out of their normal circumstances! Like Kelvin Mutuma one of the children we took out this year said (in the best Vote of Thanks I have ever heard), they have had many people visit them in their orphan homes. But to think that someone actually can come and take them out on a tour is something he can't believe! "many rich people spend Xmas with each other and have no time for us anaa ntigwa" (Kimeru for the abardoned children)! Am telling you there was no dry eye in the room! Davie a 10 year old,blind, HIV positive and the most adorable child ever says to us that he has enjoyed seeing the animals!!!! He is blind but he could feel the other children screaming elephant, zebra etc...(this year we were at the Meru National Park) so to him he saw them! I promise you it is for such children that we do this every year!! These children can never be the same again that I know for sure! Am grateful for your continued support with this event and we can't stop now. I already have so many children waiting in 2009! I can only keep doing this with the support you my friends give me. For this am eternally Grateful! Happy New Year and God richly bless you!!