Friday, February 15, 2008

Testimonials From some of the Children...

These are letters I recieved from the chidren today. I know it was Valentine's day and what a loving day this was for me to read this from my children! Who knew the school bags we bought meant so much to them or the 100 Kshs? While all these letters touched me, Christine's letter hit the nail on the head since it reminds us the conditions these children are faced with daily. She talks of having no food and remembers the plenty of food we gave them over Christmas. The truth is we made a small difference in these kids lives for 2 days but the reality is what they deal with daily like having no food. I pray that we are able to remember them in a small way each day in our prayers and in our thoughts! Please understand these are children so try to make out what they are saying in their letters. One of their co-ordinators (Jesse) put this together and Jesse God bless you! PS: FOR AN EASIER READ CLICK ON THE LETTER

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Conversation We Must Have!

I reported good news feedback from Oasis Africa and it is really great to know that the children are safe. However, we must think of what these children have had to go through since the election chaos started. The truth of the matter is these children above all the problems they deal with on a daily basis have witnessed lots of violence and whether we like it or not it has an impact on them. I know some psychologists have brought this issue up but I'm not quite sure how many of these children will be privileged enough to get some counseling on how to deal with the aftermath of the post election violence. It is really unfair that these children have to deal with this above everything else they deal with! It is also important for all of us to note that this is nothing new (the tribal clashes) it just shows what happens when we ignore dealing with such an issue when it arises and instead it is swept under the rag! This was a disaster waiting to happen and some sick people saw an opportunity to blow it up. During the Xmas Torch it hit us that this was a problem and we did actually try to talk to some of the older boys who shocked us when they decided not to dance to a particular song simply because it was from a certain tribe! We are talking 12-14 year olds here, so imagine them having such a mind set at that age! Please bear in mind that Xmas Torch happened before the elections so that alone says alot. One of the boys said to me that is how he has been brought up and doesn't know any better therefore he can't dance to that song! I am telling you truely I haven't recovered from that shock to this day. I did bring this issue up with their respective homes and they promised to look into it. So now you tell me with all the tribal violence that has now escalated doesn't it just affirm to my 12 and 14 year old boys that they were right after all! My dear friends this is a conversation we must have as a nation! Again that aha thing that the good Dr. Phil said, "YOU'LL NEVER STAND TALLER THAN WHEN YOU STOOP LOW TO HELP A CHILD!"

Update on Kibera Children

I promised to update you on how the children were doing considering that most of them live in the slums where most of the chaos are rampant in Kenya. Good news from my contact is that the Oasis Africa children are doing okey infact some of them were in school just last week in Kibera. I have some pictures just waiting for approval to post them on the blog. Am yet to get word from Dandora and Eastlands where the other children are as soon as I do I promise to update you.

More Thank Yous!

While you all made the Xmas Torch happen it is only fair to note some Companies and individuals whose help can't be overlooked. Apollo Njoroge-Head of Business Relationships and Dickson Kihara-Business Growth and Development of Equity Bank with your invaluable help in opening an account for Xmas Torch, Macharia of Zocom Ltd with his company gave a handsome contribution. Mr. Hossein of the Iranian Medical Center, Dr. J J Muthuri, Mr. David Rukunga, Mr. Rahim of Meru (Congratulations for being elected as a councilor in Meru), Freda M'Mbogori and Trygve Skjold for coming in from Norway a week before the Xmas Torch party and diving in to help me, Thank You guys. Martin Mbuta for all the design work. Vip Ogola for taking me shopping for the children's clothes. Eddy Kimani,Fareed Khimani and Vincent Ochieng of Capital Fm for organising and having me in your studio. My lovely auntie Cate Ikiara for allowing me to use your home as my storage and forgive me for all the mess. My cousins Kelvin, Dorine, Rosemary plus my baby sister Joy Kiki for being my 'KYM's' (Kanda ya Moko)...... this means they always helped me do alot of the hand work! Packing all the bag packs and making sure each child's name was on the bag with the right sizes for each child! My friends Collins Nyamori, Joseph Mwenda, Kirinya Kithinji, Juma of Kaymba Africa, Andrew Amadi, Paul Ojil, Bella Omino and Dr. Dennis Nturibi for always checking on my progress and reminding me it was going to be okey especially during the tough days. James Mwangi for organising a meeting with the Nairobi East Rotary club. Sally Kango'ro thank you for being my strength through this experience. Shiro Lewis in New York for the many calls and contribution! My Oman friends; Jamila and Hamood Al Lamki for making my dream come true and mking this trip possible. Armand, the Osode's - God bless you. My book club friends thank you ladies. Most of all my parents for trusting in me and giving me all their support. Above all I Thank God for giving me the strength and energy to get through this project and I look forward to another successful year. I heard this from Dr. Phil the other day, "YOU'LL NEVER STAND TALLER THAN WHEN YOU STOOP LOW TO HELP A CHILD!" THANK YOU ALL!