Friday, May 28, 2010

Food Donation to Humble Hearts

My sincere apologies for delaying this update. Most of you made my birthday quite a memorable day by honoring my food request for an orphanage that was so in need. Beatrice the director of Humble Hearts sent her sincere gratitude to all of you for feeding the children for over a month to come!!! I on the other hand am forever indebted to you my friends for always being there whenever I have sought your help! From the depth of my heart I sincerely Thank You and God bless you and give you more even as you continue adding a smile to different children across this nation!! Love Lorraine.

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Anonymous said...

I am concerned. Are you an NGO, a charitable organisation or what. Who audits you to ensure the money we donate goes to, the intended beneficiaries? Who are your partners, Where are your offices,who regulates you? Kindly make it public before I could make any donation.